Separator Services

What Is a Separator Service?

Pollution prevention is a critical part of sustainable drainage systems. Oil separators prevent the pollution of our rivers and streams, by containing hydrocarbons (eg diesel, petrol or engine oil) that have entered a drainage system.

Aquasentry has devised a comprehensive range of separator services to ensure your units are maintained and operational for the purpose for which they were installed.

We also offer an emptying service to ensure your separator is working at peak performance. Leaving your separator to become too full risks a pollution incident as it could become overwhelmed during heavy rainfall.

Why Is It Important to Service Your Separator?

It is essential that separators are regularly maintained, even if an oil level alarm has been installed. You should not wait until the alarm is activated before a separator is serviced. The system requires regular maintenance, calibration, and servicing by a competent technician to reduce the risk of a pollution incident.

The onus is on you to demonstrate you have done your utmost to ensure compliance according to SFG20 (schedule 48-03), and BS EN 858-2:2003, as well as having followed best practice guidance established in CIRIA 736. 

You must keep comprehensive service logs as evidence of robust maintenance and servicing.

Benefits of Aquasentry’s Separator Service Program

  • Extended equipment life
  • Reduced downtime
  • Improved accuracy and reliability
  • Reduced risk of a pollution incident
  • Peace of mind knowing that your systems are being well-maintained

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Other Services Available

How Aquasentry’s Separator Service Program Works

  • Contact us in the first instance and we can discuss your individual requirements. 
  • We can organise a one-off visit or set up a schedule of works.
  • We have developed a ‘no-fuss’ booking method and can schedule reminders for you for future services.
  • Once the booking is confirmed our operations department will book an engineer to visit at a time that’s good for you.
  • Our experienced engineers will then complete a job sheet and report back via our operations department who will then provide the relevant paperwork and any further recommendations or comments that the engineer noted during their visit.

Separator Servicing and Emptying

Download details on the change in SFG20 guidance


“I’ve been fortunate to work with AquaSentry for approximately 2 years. In this time I have dealt with a number of employees and they all have the same attributes their professionalism and attention to detail are excellent.”

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