Washdown Alarms

The Aquasentry washdown tank alarm is used to monitor silt and liquid levels in underwater washdown areas.

The unit allows the user to set a high level probe at a pre-determined level to ensure that the washdown area does not overflow in the event of a heavy rainfall or usage.

With the GSM capability, in the event of a high level event, the site is protected 24/7 and reduces the risk of a pollution incident, whilst reducing waste management costs.

Product Details

General operation

An alarm system with up to 3 probe sensors is installed within the washdown tank to automatically detect the water and silt levels of within.

If excessive levels are reached, the alarm activates a klaxon or beacon (sold separately) to provide an audible or visual notification of excessive liquid levels, as well as sending a text message to up to 16 designated numbers.

Take action
Alarm warning allow you time to take corrective action ensuring the safe and economic operation of washdown areas separators, preventing oil passing through the separator and polluting watercourses which may result in expensive fines and clean up costs.

The alarm system and sensors guarantee an increased level of safety and requires simple installation.


  • Mains Powered 230VAC
  • IP65 AB5 Enclosure: 180 x 180 x 60mm
  • Output: Clean Contact Relay
  • Display: Liquid Crystal
  • Alarm: Audible (local)
  • Probe Range: 200 metres max. (Dependent on cable style)
  • ATEX approved: Baseefa 08ATEX0110/1
  • Specific Marking of Explosion Protection

Compatible Probe Types

  • High Oil: conductivity or specific gravity
  • High Liquid optical or float switch
  • Silt: optical


  • Warns of excessive levels of water and silt
  • Tells you exactly when the washdown tank needs emptying
  • Reduces waste management costs
  • Assists compliance with legislation
  • Remote monitoring

Services and PPM

To ensure compliance with EN-858-1 and EN-858-2, your separator alarms must be regularly maintained.  Our UK wide engineering teams are able to assist in ensuring this.

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