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Aquasentry is a member of the Darcy Group, pioneering spill care prevention products and solutions since 1986, we work with our clients, asking the right questions to create pollution  prevention products when they need them most.


Aquasentry, part of the Darcy Group, manufactures and supplies an exclusive range of liquid monitoring and detection systems that provide affordable solutions to comply with regulations and EA guidelines, minimise waste management costs and prevent pollution of the watercourse.

Our range of remote monitoring automated systems, provide full site environmental security, ensuring that no pollutants leave your site and ensure your company maintains the highest storage and containment standards.

Our liquid monitoring systems are in use across the globe with sales to OEMs, distributors and end-user companies alike.

All of our systems can be activated automatically and provide full notification via text, email, beacon or sounder making you aware of a potential pollution incident across the most remote parts of your site. Full reporting logs and diagnostic checks are available at the touch of a button detailing the “current status” of pollution prevention systems and service requests.

In addition to a range of “off the shelf” products, from our own manufacturing plant we are able to produce bespoke alarm control systems to suit your individual requirements.

To discuss your individual requirements please contact us direct.

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Are your products made in the UK?

All of our pollution prevention products are made in our production facility based in the North of England. We have recently invested in new manufacturing equipment bringing more of our supply chain in house and improving our lead times.

I’m looking to have my pollution prevention equipment serviced, do you have nationwide coverage?

Yes, we do. Our multi-skilled engineers are strategically based around the country to ensure we can provide our service to any UK based company. We can also support our International customers through a network or representatives.

What accreditations do you hold?

Our Mission

Providing clients with innovative monitoring solutions since 1986. Aquasentry is an industry-leading, UK manufacturer of environmental alarms and controls enabling your business to comply fully with the UK and European legislation.

Our in-house research and development team partner with major international companies, designing bespoke products based on market research. Supported by an experienced team of engineers, we provide national coverage for installation, service and commissioning services for businesses across the country, delivering an unrivalled customer experience.

Our Core Values

Proven Pollution Prevention Products

We supply proven technology focusing on function, quality and durability.

Customer Focus

We strive to provide our customers with an experience that takes the stress out of pollution prevention.

Always On-Call

To be there when you need us most, our 24 hours responder service ensures that we can help you 24/7/365.

Meet Our Experts

Operations Manager

John has been with Aquasentry since 2011. He is a multi skilled engineer and has worked on the remote monitoring and technical side of the business. Today his position is operations manager.

Dan Flavell

Drainage Team Supervisor

Dan joined Aquasentry in 2022 with a wealth of Drainage experience in previous roles. He has been in the drainage industry for 7 years starting off as a Drainage assistant before running CCTV vans and jet vacs and then becoming a senior CCTV engineer.

Technical Sales Manager

Dave has extensive experience in the environmental sector. He is a fountain of knowledge on separator alarms, drainage services, drain closure devices, bund water control units.

James Jackson

Service Sales Executive

James has been with Aquasentry since 2012 and has taken up various roles in UK and International technical sales. He has great knowledge of products and applications and is currently responsible for product service sales.

Part of the Darcy Group

Protecting the environment since 1935, the Darcy Group have been creating sustainable solutions and prevention techniques that have helped to maintain and control pollution.

Powered by creating sustainable prevention and spill care solutions, we are a proud core partner of the Darcy Group.

Since being acquired, we have worked with our partners to offer a full range of sustainable solutions to support our clients across the world with prevention techniques, spill care emergency products, and helping to pioneer commercial EV charging.

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