A photograph of drain outlet with water running out of it, depicting Aquasentry's drainage and monitoring services.

Our Products

Bund Dewatering

Monitor and dewater bunds to retain 110% capacity bund contents, safely pumping water into drainage system.

Drain Closure Systems

Contain pollutant spills and firewater runoff within site drainage systems. Drain closure valves providing instant security against the polluting of controlled waters.

Washdown Alarms

The Aquasentry washdown tank alarm is used to monitor silt and liquid levels in underwater washdown areas.

Sewage Alarms

Alarm and control panel for sewage treatment plants.

Oil Water Separator Alarms

Monitor oil, silt and liquid levels within underground separators. Separator alarms ensure correct operation of separators preventing pollutants.

Grease Trap Alarms

Monitor and detect levels in your grease trap. The Grease Separator Alarm will alert you when the Grease needs to be removed from the tank.

Cesspool Septic Tank Alarms

A Cesspool alarm is installed within a holding tank to monitor the level within the tank. Ideal for installation in cesspits to provide an audible… notification when levels reach predetermined levels.

High Level Alarms

Alarm warnings for high levels within tanks to help prevent overflow.


Aquasentry manufacture a range of probes to detect liquids or silt within vessels such as tanks, separators, washdown units or cesspools.

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