Drain Repair Services

Drain Repairs

Ensure drains are in good structural condition and watertight

Drains are not only susceptible to internal influence they are also impacted by external factors that can result in them becoming damaged. Typical external influences include:

  • Deterioration of ageing pipework seals
  • Repeated impact loading
  • Tree roots
  • Ground movement
  • Direct trauma e.g. barrier posts and other physical activity

Whilst some damage is catastrophic to the structure, resulting in an immediate collapse, the vast majority of drainage issues develop over time and have an exponential deterioration profile. When a drain ceases to be watertight not only does this enable the ingress and egress of potential polluting liquids it can also attract tree root activity as they will be attracted to moisture.

It is always best practice to ensure that all drains are in good structural condition and, with the exception of filter drainage, are watertight. The integrity of drains and the understanding of their pressure loading profiles and requirements is critical when a drain network is potentially being used for containment purposes.

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Drain Patch Repairs

Structural and watertight localised drain repair

Patch Repairs are a highly cost-effective remediation solution offering a structural and watertight localised drain repair. They are used extensively by water companies in the UK and are approved by the WRc.

The process of installation is simply a matter of cleaning the pipework and the use a CCTV camera to locate the precise location of the defect. This measurement ensures that the repair is in the precise location with the defect being in the centre of the patch. 

Fibreglass matting is then impregnated with a silicate resin and attached to a large rubber tube with sealed ends referred to as a “packer”. The “packer” with the attached “patch” is manoeuvred into position and then inflated following a set procedure to the required pressure. 

The inflation process results in the packer expanding and the patch being squeezed against the existing pipework. Following a monitored process, the resin cures to form the watertight localised patch repair.

Drain CIPP Relining

Installations fully fit for purpose and environmentally appropriate

Where drains have multiple repair requirements we provide a Cured In Place Pipework (CIPP) repair, also known as drain lining.

Drain lining is where a resin impregnated carrier sleeve is installed into the defective pipework. The sleeve is, (following the appropriate process), then inflated using either air or water and the resin then undergoes a controlled cure to form a new pipe inside the original carrier pipe.

There are numerous resins, installation and curing techniques, however at Aquasentry we always correctly analyse the repair and client requirements to establish a suitable calculated CIPP installation that will be fully fit for purpose and be environmentally appropriate.

Where there are other pipes connecting into the pipework that is being repaired we use robotic lateral cutting equipment to open these connections once the CIPP has been installed.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Ensuring the right manhole fixings, materials, covers and frames

Manhole Damage

Manholes and chambers can, over time, suffer from general deterioration and in particular where there are high levels of Hydrogen Sulphide* or if there are aggressive trade effluent processes e.g. food process wash down. These materials can result in corrosion to both steel and concrete.

We manage all safety processes and provide an internal repair solution to the damaged concrete utilising one of a range of chemically resistant resins and cementitious products to protect the chamber from future attack.

Water Ingress

Groundwater Ingress into manhole chambers and other below ground structures is a potentially serious concern that should be addressed. The Groundwater can be a source of ground contamination that will then enter into a sites drainage and result in pollution and in reverse may result in ground contamination should there be a rise in the drain levels.

We have extensive experience in stopping the ground water through resin injection and specialist application materials and in completing a water tight repair.

Covers and Frames

Covers and frames can become damaged through shock, constant loadings and corrosion rendering them seized or simply unsafe. Using the right installation products and suitably fit for purpose quality replacement items, we fit new covers and frames, reinstating the surrounding areas and disposing of all associated spoil.

By using the right fixing, repair materials and quality covers and frames we help to maintain necessary drainage access and keep sites safe.

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