Spill Management

Our client is a leading food manufacturer in North Wales and their factory runs on a 24 hour shift pattern with a defined close down period for cleaning.


Our client is a leading food manufacturer in North Wales and their factory runs on a 24 hour shift pattern with a defined close down period for cleaning. The site is exceptionally busy with heavy delivery traffic throughout the day. The site is set in the countryside with a number of aquifers nearby heightened the sense of risk in the event of an incident.

Project Features

Our initial contact with the client was to source a suitable system which  would enable them to manage any spills from site or the run off of firewater  in the case of a major incident. It was also to assist in the control of their  discharge as they had been visited by Welsh Water in respect to the outfalls  and release from site. 

The CheckValve system enables end users to seal the site within a period  of less than 30 seconds via a remote wireless signal and isolate the site  outfalls. 

The company were discharging unintentionally and a previous drainage  survey by another company had failed to highlight the issues.  

Our drainage resurveyed the site and established that these was an area  where the trailers were being washed externally that had caused the  discharge. The assumption had been made that it was entering the ACO  drainage and going to their treatment plant. However, the drainage plan  was incorrect and as a result it was entering the surface water network and  then local watercourses. 

Solutions & Savings 

We provided a complete solution to their site environmental compliance needs which encompassed a number of our main services – drainage, technical equipment both in closure devices and sample monitoring and our capital projects team installing ACO drainage, a bypass interceptor and interceptor and flow monitoring.

  • Full CCTV survey of the site
  • Jetting of the whole drainage system
  • Full updated CAD drainage drawing which are correctInstallation of a new bypass interceptor
  • A bespoke twin Hydraulic CheckValve
  • 2 interceptor monitors
  • Replacement linear drainage
  • Rerouted underground pipework
  • Replacement manhole covers
  • Installation of a flow meter with associated pipework
  • Hire of a water

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